Mortise locks

30H Heavy Duty Mortise Locks


Solid machined knob construction. (#4, #6)
Self aligning trim is through-bolted for proper alignment with case.
Knob, lever and rose styles match 8K/9K series cylindrical locks.
One inch stainless steel throw deadbolt.
3/4' throw anti-friction latchbolt standard.
36H/37H offers high security cylinder for ANSI Grade 1 security. Cylinder is UL listed (UL437).
Friction insert in inside knob resists loosening.
Low friction knob and lever handle bearing for smooth, wear resistant operation.
Lockset reversible for hand of door.
Quick rekeying with best interchangeable core.
Patented roller bearing hub mechanism for smooth, wear resistant operation.
Independently spring loaded lever handles to prevent wear and lever sag.
Solid machined cylinder rings with tension spring to resist wrenching of cylinder.
Improved cylinder security screw prevents removal of cylinder except when core is removed.
Lever and knob can be intermixed for inside/outside trim.
Heavy gauge steel lock case.
Heavy steel hubs & locking mechanisms.
UL listed.
ANSI certified.
Patented trim plate, N trim escutcheon (not shown)
'Twist for security' feature redesigned spindle & locking bar for improved strength & superior torque resistance.

Case: Heavy wrought steel, 5 7/8' high x 4 1/4' deep x 1' wide. Steel parts are zinc dichromate plated for corrosion protection.

Faceplate: Brass or bronze, 1 1/4' x 8' x 7/8'. Armored. Adjustable from flat to beveled 1/8' in 2'.

Strike: Brass, bronze or stainless steel STD: 4 7/8' x 1 1/4' x 3/32' and S3-7/8: 4 7/8' x 7/8, Lip-to-Center flat strike. Fits standard doorframe cut out as specified in ANSI A115.1.Correct strike automatically supplied with unit. Strike box supplied standard.

Backset: 2 3/4'.

Door thickness: For doors 1 3/4' thick. For doors over 1 3/4' specify door thickness.

Installation: Lock case and faceplate dimensions fit standard door preparation as specified in ANSI A115.1. Lockset is reversible for hand of door.

Latchbolt: Stainless steel, 3/4' throw with stainless steel anti-friction latch. Satin chrome finish.

Deadbolt: Stainless steel 1' throw. Satin chrome finish.

Auxiliary Bolt: Stainless steel.

Interchangeable Core: Best pin tumbler core is available in 6 or 7 pin, machined from solid brass. Face of cores match trim finish.

Trim: Knobs, levers and roses match 8K/9K series cylindrical lock trim styles.

Knobs: Diameter 2 1/8' Projection on door: 2 7/8'

#4, #6 knobs: Material machined from brass bronze.

Lever Handle: Brass, bronze or stainless steel. Lever styles #3, #14 and #15 return to within 3/8' to 1/2' of the door surface. Levers #12, #16, #17 no return. Projection on door: 2 15/16' (add 5/64' for M or N trim). (Lever #3, #14 and #15 conform to California Titles 19 and 24.)

Roses: Brass or bronze construction. 'A'-concave round, 3 3/8' diameter. 'B'-square, 3 3/8' across flats. 'C'-concave round, 2 9/16' diameter. 'D'-convex round, 3 3/8' diameter. 'H'-flat, 2 9/16' diameter brass, bronze or stainless steel construction (lever handle only). 'S'-flat, 3 1/2' diameter.

Escutcheons: 'J'-wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel, 2 1/4' x 7 1/2'. 'M'-forged brass or bronze, 2 1/8' x 8' thru-bolt mounted 'N'-forged brass or bronze, 2 1/8' x 8' (concealed cylinder) thru-bolt mounted-no exposed screws outside.

Mounting: Self-aligning trim. Lever attached with hardened set screw on inside lever.


605-bright brass, clear coated 619-satin nickel plated
606-satin brass, clear coated 622-flat black
611-bright bronze, clear coated 625-bright chromium plated
612-satin bronze, clear coated 626-satin chromium plated
613-oxidized satin bronze, oil rubbed 629-bright stainless steel
618-bright nickel plated 630-satin stainless steel

The H Mortise Lock meets or exceeds the following standards:

34H/35H Series-ANSI A156.13, Series 1000, Grade 1 Operational and Grade 2 Security.
36H/37H Series-ANSI A156.13, Series 1000, Grade 1 Operational and Grade 1 Security.

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